Kim Stone Makes a Big Laydown, Then Doubles Up

Kim Stone_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA06570.jpg

Thursday Thrilla
Level 6 - 300/600/100
Entries: 102
Players Remaining: 63

We got to the table as Kim Stone faced a decision for her tournament life. Loren Cloninger was in the small blind and shoved all-in on a board reading [ts9s7s8s]. Stone was in middle position and had about 11,000 in chips left. She thought for a short while before saying "Well, I can't win the tournament in this hand" and then open-folded [asks].

The table gasped and nudged at Cloninger to show his hand to see if he had the straight flush but only flashed the [7d] before mucking his second card.

A few hands later, Pete Mall opened on the button and Stone shoved for her remaining stack from the big blind. Mall called. Stone tabled [astc] while Mall showed [ah7s]. "It's a $500 bounty" smiled Mall. The board ran out dry and Stone doubled through.

Loren Cloninger - 44,000
Kim Stone - 25,000
Pete Mall - 40,000