JCarver Hops In and Out; David Lander Triples

Thursday Thrilla
Level 7 - 400/800/100
Entries: 104
Players Remaining: 61

Jason 'JCarver' Somerville jumped into the event a short while ago, hoping to best his 3rd place finish from the Thrilla in April. Unfortunately he was just seen on the rail, but luckily for him he won four tickets into this event between the evening satellite and this morning's Sit-n-go tournaments!

Over on another table, a player in middle position raised to 2,000 and action was on David Lander in late position. He moved all-in for 8,00 and got calls from Cary Marshall in the small blind and the initial raiser.

The flop came [qs4d2d] and both players on the side decided to check to the [qh] on the turn and the [2s] on the river. Lander revealed [asqd] for queens full, and Marshall flashed [7d7c] before mucking his hand.

David Lander - 26,000
Jason Somerville - Eliminated