Easy Come, Easy Go for Tyson Apostol

Thursday Thrilla
Level 4 - 150/300/50
Entries: 94
Players Remaining: 74

We saw Tyson Apostol wandering around the tournament room thinking he had "walking chips" but it turns out he was eliminated! The table explained he doubled Cary Marshall up after both players flopped a flush draw but missed the board. Marshall rivered a pair and Apostol jammed to try and steal the pot. Marshall wasn't having it and called, sending a big pot his way.

Shortly after, Mark Mazza flopped top two pair while Apostol flopped a flush draw. The two players got their stacks in the middle and Apostol missed, sending him to the registration desk to buy back in.

Cary Marshall - 50,000
Mark Mazza - 33,000
Tyson Apostol - Eliminated