Bob Schulhauser Eliminated in 3rd place [$1,920]

Bob Schulhouser_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA08803.jpg

$125 NLH Win the Button
Level 17: 10000/20000/3000
Entrants: 179
Players Remaining: 8

Matthew Staples moved all-in from the small blind and Bob Schulhauser called in the big blind with his last 55,000.

Matthew Staples: [Ad][4s]
Bob Schulhauser: [4h][Kd]

Schulhauser hit a favorable flop of [5s][Ks][3c] but the turn came the [2d] giving Staples a straight. The river was the [Kh].

Matthew Staples- 900,000
Bob Schulhauser- Eliminated