Jimmy Cappucci Eliminated in 6th Place ($510)

Jimmy Cappucci_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA07809.jpg

Event #5 - $125 6-Max H.O.R.S.E.
Level 18 - 8,000/15,000 (Ante: 5,000; Bring In: 5,000)
Entries: 139
Players Remaining:

Game: Hold'em

Jimmy Cappucci was all-in for his tournament life and got calls from both Alex Lavinthal and Bobby Gillette.

The flop came [ts9s9c] and Gillette and Lavinthal played a small pot on the side. The turn was the [tc] and both players checked to the [kd] on the river. Gillette bet, Lavinthal called and Gillette tabled [askc]. Lavinthal showed [khqc] and Cappucci was eliminated after tabling [ah3d]. Gillette scooped the pot and Cappucci hit the rail after making his second final table after shipping the PLO Knockout last night.