Georgene Farmer Eliminated in 7th Place ($655)

Georgene Farmer_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA07625.jpg

Event #4: $235 NLH Knockout
Level 22: 15,000/30,000/5,000
Entrants: 220
Players Remaining: 6

Mitchell Cogert raised to 80,000 from early position and action was on Georgene Farmer in the small blind. She moved all-in for 130,000 from the small blind and Paul Sampson called from the big blind, as did Cogert.

Cogert and Sampson checked down a board that ran out [9h9d6c5hJs] and Farmer tabled ace-queen. Sampson showed [ah8h] but Cogert was best with [3s3c] to send Farmer to the rail in 7th place.

Mitchell Cogert - 850,000
Georgene Farmer - Eliminated in 7th place