Chuck Hawkins Eliminated in 2nd Place ($4,500)

Chuck Hawkin_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA07707.jpg

Event #4: $235 NLH Knockout
Level 26: 50,000/100,000/20,000
Entrants: 220
Players Remaining:

Chuck Hawkins came in to heads-up play with 1.9 million but that quickly changed a couple of hands in after he shoved and Mitchell Cogert called for 1.4 million. Cogert tabled [ah3h] while Hawkins tabled [js7s]. The board ran out [qsqc6h4d8h] and Cogert doubled.

Two short hands later, Hawkins was all-in for his last 600,000 with [qh8s], up against Cogert's [kd3s]. The board ran out [9d6d5s9cjc] and Cogert held on to win with king-high.

Hawkins is the runner-up for $4,500 and Cogert is the Knockout champion for $5,500 after a chop. He takes home the title and the Run It Up gold trophy!

A full recap will be posted shortly.