Taiwanese, Anyone?

You probably heard about the new game sweeping the poker world. If you don't find luck in tournaments, you can always go and play some Taiwanese in the poker room downstairs!

This fun game is similar to Open-face Chinese, in which players set seven cards to make a top, middle, and bottom hand, and are then paid based on the number of points they score for each hand.

The rules are as follows:

1. Each player is dealt 7 cards face down.
2. All players simultaneously look at their cards. The players choose how to set their cards to form a top, middle, and bottom hand as follows:
A one card hold-em hand on top (play 0 or 1 card from this hand and 4 or 5 cards from the board to make the strongest 5 card hand)
A two card hold-em hand in the middle (play up to 2 cards from this hand and 3-5 cards from the board)
An omaha high hand on the bottom (play exactly 2 cards from this hand and 3 cards from the board)
3. After all players have set their cards, a 5 card board is dealt. and each player uses the cards they set in each position and the cards from the board to make their hands.  All players then reveal their hands.
4. Scoring: Players receive points for revealing a winning top, middle, and/or bottom hand. Bonus points may also be awarded if a player’s hand strength qualifies for a bonus. The dollar value of a point is determined before the game (e.g. 1 point = $5). Grading begins with the top hand.
5. Bonuses: Players receive bonus points for making hands of a certain strength,
6. Scoop bonus: If a player wins all 3 hands (top, middle, bottom) in a given round outright (i.e. without chopping any of those hands due to a tie), that player receives an additional 3 point bonus from each of the other players at the table.
7. After all payments have been completed, the cards may be collected and reshuffled for the next hand.