Nelson is Mounting a Comeback

Chips_Run It Up Reno 2017__AA09907.jpg

Event #2 - $150 6-Max PLO $25 Knockout
Level 22 - 15,000/30,000
Entries: 98
Players Remaining: 2

Jimmy Cappucci built up a commanding lead, leaving Eric Nelson with about 100,000 to work with. Nelson doubled up once, and climbed up to 205,000.

On a board reading [8d5h3s2s], Nelson got his stack in the middle and Cappucci called. Nelson tabled [Kd6h5s4d] for a straight, while Cappucci needed the board to pair with [9c4c2c2h] for a set of deuces. The river was the [th] and Nelson found another double.

Eric Nelson - 470,000
Jimmy Cappucci - 510,000