Aaron Schoch Bursts the PLO Bubble With Quads!

Aaron Schoch  bursts the bubble with quad fives

Aaron Schoch  bursts the bubble with quad fives

Event #2 $150 6-Max PLO $25 Knockout
Level 16 - 4,000/8,000
Entries: 98
Players Remaining: 9

The bubble burst a short while ago in Event #2 $150 6-Max PLO $25 Knockout and there are just nine players remaining.

On a board reading [7d5d5c7sTs], Aaron Schoch and his opponent got all of their chips in the middle. Schoch had his opponent covered, and nutted, as he tabled [Ks6h5h5s] for quad fives, while his opponent showed [9s8d7c4s] for trip sevens with a nine kicker. The remaining 15 players found themselves in the money, guaranteed a payout of $235.

Just nine players remain now with the final table of seven in sight.