The RIU Kickoff Event is Off to a Blazing Start!


Cards are in the air in the $235 NLH Kickoff Event with $30,000 guaranteed in the prize pool. There are already 130 entrants at the start of Level 3 with 20 more entries to go before the guarantee is met! 

Late registration closes at 3.10 p.m. with plenty of time to get to the Naples Ballroom to get in on the action!

Familiar Run It Up Warriors already in the field include Melly Wang, Albert Ng, Ivan Zarate, Kevin Gerhart, Deb Swift, Jake Irvin, Jimmy Cappucci and Steve Nevius. 

Don't forget there are five Main Event Seats up for grabs in this event including one for the Last RIU Warrior standing! If you don't have your RIU gear yet, head to the store at the front of the Naples Ballroom on the next break and grab some!