John Borido Eliminated in 9th Place ($745)

John Borido - 9th place

John Borido - 9th place

Event #1 - $235 NLH Kickoff
Level 20 - 10,000/20,000/3,000
Entries: 211
Players Remaining: 8

John Borido was all-in before the flop and it was Stan Archuleta who gave him action. Borido tabled [AcQs], up against Archuleta's [QcJc].

The flop came [9d8d5c] and Archuleta picked up a straight draw for outs to scoop the pot. Sure enough, the turn was the [Tc] to give him the straight and the river was the [9d] to send Borido home in 9th place.

Stan Archuleta - 450,000
John Borido - Eliminated in 9th place