Jason Somerville Runs Kings Into Aces to Bust

Jason Somerville_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA06637.jpg

$235 NLH Kickoff
Level 9: 1,200/600 Ante: 200
Entries: 207
Players Remaining: 99

Wayne Mason raised to 12,000 in middle position and Jason Somerville shoved for a total of 19,400 from late position. Mason called. Somerville tabled [Ks][Kh] and Mason showed [Ac][Ah]

The board came [7d][3h][7s][4c][As] and was of no help to JCarver.

 ''Is that even allowed at my own event?'' he laughed before heading to the rail. "I guess I can re-enter!"

Wayne Mason - 45,000
Jason Somerville - Eliminated