Dan O'Brien Eliminated by Jeff Chapman

Daniel O'Brien_Run It up Reno_DSC_3446_preview.jpeg

Main Event
Level 13: 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante
Players Remaining: 72 of 271

It's a battle of the blinds between Jeff Chapman in the small blind and Dan O'Brien in the big blind. Action folds to Chapman, who moves all in for effectively O'Brien's roughly 25,000 stack. 

O'Brien thinks for about 30 seconds and then decides to call, showing [Qd][8c]. Chapman clarifies that he called before tabling [Ad][4d]. 

The board runs out [Kh][Js][6c][Th][5d]. O'Brien, who just re-entered shortly after the break, hits the rail near the end of the level. 

Jeff Chapman - 80,000
Dan O'Brien - Eliminated