Kim Stone Nearly Triples Up, Chad Holloway Eliminated

Kim Stone_Run It up Reno_DSC_1037_preview.jpeg

Main Event
Level 10: 600/1,200 with a 200 ante
Entries: 217

There is a three-way preflop all in between Chad Holloway from under the gun, the player on the button and Kim Stone in the small blind. Holloway is all in for about 12,000, Stone is all in for about 30,000 and the button has both players covered. 

Holloway shows [Qd][Js], the button tables [As][Qh] and Stone tables [Kh][Kd]. The board runs out [Kc][8d][5d][2c][7h] and she didn't have much to sweat after flopping top set and turning both other players dead. 

Holloway is eliminated and Stone nearly triples up. Stone earned her second RIU trophy earlier in the series after defeating Jason Somerville heads-up in the $125 HORSE event.  

"You survived the obituary again," jokes the button after the hand. 

Kim Stone - 75,000
Chad Holloway - Eliminated