Kevin Martin Eliminated in 6th Place ($2,680)

Kevin Martin_Run It up Reno_DSC_3057_preview.jpeg

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante
Players Remaining: 5 of 129

Kevin Martin was the chip leader at the start of the final table, and for majority of the tournament, but found himself short on chips as play progressed. Martin shoved all in for 79,000 from the hijack and Jimmy Cappucci called on the button.

Martin was at risk with [7d,7c] and needed some help against Cappucci's [ks,kc]. "Seven!" yelled Martin. Sure enough, the flop came [jh,7s,4s] to give Martin the lead with a set of sevens. Unfortunately for him, the [kh] came on the turn to give Cappucci a bigger set. Martin was basically on the ground in disappointment, and the [3h] completed the board to send the Team PokerStars Pro to the rail in 6th place.

Impressively, Martin finished the tournament with 18 bounties at $500 a piece.

Jimmy Cappucci - 740,000
Kevin Martin - Eliminated