Join Jason & Co. For Tonight's Mixed Game Monday

One of the most fun aspects of the Run it Up events is the vibrant mixed games that crop up. Thanks to Jason's love for weird and exciting formats as well as the community's enthusiasm for trying new things, the Mixed Games at Run it Up Reno are already off to a great start.

And if you're here in Reno, you are welcome to join!

For those uninitiated, the Mixed Game options are 6-Game, which includes all of the traditional HORSE options of Limit Hold 'Em, Omaha HiLo, Razz, Stud, and Stud Eight (HiLo) in addition to 2-7 Limit Triple-Draw to add an additional "T" to the mix. This has gotten the new moniker REHOST from our Twitch members, and it's stuck thus far. For the 8-Game tables, they are adding No Limit Hold 'Em and Pot Limit Omaha to the stack, making the THORSEHA you may have seen on PokerStars.

The tables are a great way to get in some reps before Wednesday afternoon's Event 8 ($125 HORSE 8-Max) and Thursday's Event 10 ($235 8-Game 6-Max Championship) which starts Thursday at noon. And with Jason himself and several notable members of the Run it Up Legion taking part, it's sure to be a party! The limits in the cash games are fairly tame; the so-called 5-10 includes Limit with a $2 small blind and a $5 big blind and Stud with a $5 Complete, so the blinds are friendly even for novice players.

Last night, before the first tournament even began, the 5-10 6-Game table was active through the early morning hours. And tonight, as the $125 PLO and the All-In Or Fold events lose players, many of them are gravitating towards the High Limit Room at the Peppermill Casino Poker Room, where the 6-Game and 8-Game 5-10s and 10-20s are being spread.

Among those drawn by the allure getting in the Mix is Jeff Chapman, aka @SHRKBYTE in chat, and a Lake Tahoe native. "I've played [mixed games] in past Run it Up Renos and online; I played Jason's [PokerStars] Home Game. I did well in that. I got some free Run it Up gear!" Jeff was one of the early Warriors who played last night in addition to tonight, and he is currently seated at the 5-10 8-Game.

Another Warrior who loves to Mix it up at Run it Up is Chip Tutu, aka @tzutzanu. He's taken his seat at a new 10-20 8-Game, where he joins Jason in the freshly started table. When asked why he prefers the Mixed Game cash games to Limit or No Limit, Chip said, "I like the variety and the fact that people don't know the games that well. Like me! I might be the fish, but I'm going to have fun." Chip's been coming to RIU get-togethers since 2014, and he has the old-school gear to prove it (pictured at left).

One well-known name who is certainly not a Mixed Game fish is Pablo Ortiz, better known as @RIUPablo in chat. He was sharking up the Mixed Games last night, and is at it again at one of the two 10-20 8-Game tables running at the Peppermill. "I play some home [Mixed] Games and at Caesar's in Vegas, and then when I travel with Jason," Ortiz said as he continues to dominate his table.

Presently, there is a 5-10 6-Game, a 5-10 8-Game, and two 10-20 8-Game tables running. So if you're able to make it down to Run it Up Reno and fancy some action, consider skipping the usual NLE tables and take a seat with Jason and friends in the Mixed Games at the Peppermill!