Last Chance: Brent Harrington Takes it Down for Team Media!

The last Run it Up Reno event has just wrapped up in extraordinary fashion after Team RIU Media team member Brent Harrington takes it down! He's cashed five times out of seven tournaments this series with three final tables and one win. Harrington pocketed $1,360 for his efforts, and Ryan Frechette took home $850 for his runner-up finish. 

Another Team RIU Media team member, Reuben Bresler, came in third for $544. The heater is certainly real. Alex Lavinthal booked a remarkable 17th RIU cash to extend his record even further.

Here is a look at the payouts for this event:

1st Place: Brent Harrington - $1,360
2nd Place: Ryan Frechette - $850
3rd Place: Reuben Bresler - $544
4th Place: Jon Wallace - $374
5th Place: Alex Lavinthal - $272