NLO8: Andrew Cha Wins...For a Third Time!

Andrew Cha has done it again. He has won a third tournament this series, and his second of the day. Cha took down the $85 NL Omaha 8 6-Max for $1,010 and some more RIU gold. He defeated Frank Yaw heads up quite quickly as he had most of the chips in play when the final table began. Yaw cashed for $601 tonight.

Harry Corvese finished in 3rd place ($410) and came close to winning his second trophy of the series. He also came third in the team event yesterday. Ian Little laddered for a $300 cash in 4th place, and Alex Lavinthal cashed in 5th place ($218) for the 16th time across all three RIU Reno series so far. 

Last but not least, RIU's own Jason Cook (below), cashed in 6th place for $191. He bubbled the 'Win The Button' event with pocket jacks earlier in the week and came close to finishing the same way tonight. He takes home his first cash and is officially on the board on this second-last day of RIU Reno.

Here are the results:

1st Place: Andrew Cha - $1,010
2nd Place: Frank Yaw - $601
3rd Place: Harry Corvese - $410
4th Place: Ian Little - $300
5th Place: Alex Lavinthal - $218
6th Place: Jason Cook - $191