Main Event: Official Final Table!

Marty Gornec was just eliminated in 9th place after calling Loren Klein's all in with [AxTx] on a board reading [ax8x6x5x]. Klein held a set of eights and Gornec was sent home with $1,710.

We have now reached the official final table of eight. Loren Klein has chipped up massively and currently sits on 2,750,000 chips. The short stack at the table is Dave Lander with 240,000 chips.

Take a look at our final eight:

Seat 1: Dave Lander - 240,000
Seat 2: Richard Acovino - 975,000
Seat 3: -
Seat 4: Chip Tutu - 305,000
Seat 5: Marty Gorenc - 390,000
Seat 6: Wes Cutshall - 535,000
Seat 7: Loren Klein - 2,750,000
Seat 8: Austin Roberts - 420,000
Seat 9: Jesse Capps - 750,000

With Klein leading the group by such a wide margin, anything can happen here. He has several wins in his career including a WSOP bracelet and a few runner-up finishes. His biggest cash is over $550,000 which came this past summer in the $10,000 PLO Championship where he finished second to Brandon Shack-Harris. 

Jesse Capps is in the top three and has had an absolutely tremendous series. He has eight cashes, five final tables and a trophy just from this series alone. Both of his career wins have been right here at Peppermill Casino, so look for him to make another run at this final table. 

Play will pause at the end of this level in just under an hour. The remaining players will come back tomorrow at Noon to play down to a winner.