Main Event: 5th Place - Dave Lander - ($6,300)

David Lander - 5th ($6,300)

David Lander - 5th ($6,300)

Dave Lander is a self-proclaimed internet player, and previous to this Run it Up Reno had not played in any live tournaments. Well, the $600 buy-in Main Event is a good one to make your mark, as the Swede made some Kroner here at the final table.

Lander's final hand came at the expense of, who else, Loren Klein. The overwhelming chip leader Klein called for Lander's final 200,000:

Klein: [jsjd]
Lander: [3c3d]

The board rolled out without a trey, as Klein scores his fourth knockout of the final table.

Loren Klein now holds well over 4,500,000 of the 6,400,000 chips in play.