Main Event: 9th Place - Marty Gorenc ($1,710)

After a surprising series of events, Marty Gorenc is out in 9th place of the Main Event.

Marty Gorenc - 9th ($1,710)

Marty Gorenc - 9th ($1,710)

Wes Cutshall entered the final table as chip leader, but Marty Gorenc doubled his 265,000 through him with [6c7c] over Cutshall's [asac] after the players got it in on [9x2x5x8x]. The river [3x] was irrelevant, and Marty started to climb up the leaderboard. A few hands later, Wes lost the lion's share of his chip stack to Loren Klein, who rocketed up to the chip leader of around 1,500,000. Wes fell to 550,000.

Marty took another few more small to medium sized small pots, and eventually grinded up to about 600,000 and seemed to have momentum on his side. That was when disaster struck: on a board of [8dad6c5h], Loren Klein put his chipleading stack in the middle to force Marty to make a decision. Marty called, and as he did he put all of his remaining chips in the middle drawing dead.

Klein: [8s8h]
Gorenc: [actd]

The river was a blank, and Marty Gorenc finishes his Main Event in the "unofficial" final table position of ninth place.