Main Event: 8th Place - Loma Schulz ($2,465)

Loma Schulz has been a force since the tournament started and her story is quite amazing. She won a seat into the Main Event through a draw and traveled back here from San Francisco to play in it. She is well-known at the cash game tables, mostliy playing 1/2 NL hold'em. This is Schulz's first official poker tournament and she has definitely shown up to play. 

Earlier in the day she eliminated an opponent on the bubble with pocket fives and flopped a set to bring everyone in the money. She continued to chip up and showed no fear. She picked off bluffs and made several correct ace-high calls. 

Eventually, she limped in from the cutoff and Chip Tutu moved all in on the button for 340,000. Action came back on Schulz and she said, "Hmmm. I'm tempted. Okay, I'm all in" and tabled [axtx]. Tutu revealed a dominated [ad7d] and the cards were dealt. The board started to run out fairly dry for Tutu and he packed his things until the [7h] hit the river. Schulz had 305,000 in front of her and exited the tournament in 8th place for $2,465.

Schulz says, "Boy, this tournament sure does make 1/2 seem so boring" as she fake-yawned. 

Bringing new players to the game is certainly in the spirit of Run it Up and we hope to see her back here next time!