Main Event: 7th Place - Richard Acovino ($3,425)

Richard Acovino - 7th ($3,425)

Richard Acovino - 7th ($3,425)

Not ten minutes ago, Loren Klein knocked out Marty Gorenc in ninth thanks to Trip Eights over a pair of Aces. Richard Acovino met a similar fate, as he exits the Main Event in seventh place.

The players got all of their money in the pot on [ks8s6c3d]:

Klein: [8h8d]
Acovino [asac]

Once again, Klein's trio of snowmen were way ahead, and the river did not bring the miracle bullet Richard needed. Loren Klein climbs to 3,800,000, way ahead of the pack and with more than half of the chips in play, as Richard Acovino hits the payout station to collect his $3,425 for a tournament well played.