Main Event: 6th Place - Chip Tutu ($4,520)

Chip Tutu - 6th ($4,520)

Chip Tutu - 6th ($4,520)

Chip Tutu took out Andy Camou to win the last of the Mac 'n Cheese bounties from RIU Warriors with two tables to go and looked to be out soon after when he lost a couple of key hands, but the man called "tzutzanu" made it all the way to the final table. But he couldn't survive the Klein buzzsaw and will have to settle for 6th place.

Chip had about 600,000 when he lost a crucial coinflip to Jesse Capps for all of Jesse's chips.

"This is for second place or for sixth."

Capps: [9s9h]
Tutu: [AsKc]

The runout was in Capps' favor: [7dqh5h7s6c], and Tutu found himself down to his final 100,000, while Capps climbs back above 1,000,000.

After Dave Lander survived an all-in with [Ac6h] over Loren Klein's [qd9c], which amounted to a pittance of Klein's monstrous stack, it was Chip's turn. He split a pot with Klein [QdTd] to [Qctc] in one all-in before the elimination hand:

Klein: [qc6s]
Tutu: [9h6c]

The board of [ad5c4hjsjc] did not aid Chip in chipping back up, and Loren Klein scores yet another final table knockout.