Main Event: 10th Place - Roy Peters ($1,710)

Roy Peters - 10th ($1,710)

Roy Peters - 10th ($1,710)

Roy Peters hung around like a man with alligator blood for as long as he could, but eventually he couldn't hold on any longer and became the Run it Up Reno Final Table bubble boy.

Roy just couldn't get anything going at Table 2, as Wes Cutshall amassed a huge chip stack resembling his Raiser Clothing chip pyramid t-shirt. Down below ten big blinds, Roy called off the rest of his stack on a wing and a prayer after Austin Roberts placed a stack of 25,000 mustard chips in the middle to put Roy at risk.

Roy Peters: [qsth]
Austin Roberts: [asqd]

The high-card held on a low board, as the runout [6d3c6c3d4h] did not improve Roy Peters. He will earn $1,710 for his excellent RIU Reno finish, just short of the final table nine.