Last Chance: SemperFiMikey Flying High

Today is Halloween, the day when witches and wizards roam the streets, and ghosts and ghouls haunt the parties celebrating the most frightening of holidays. On the final day of Run it Up Reno, there are several people dressed for the occasion. One of the most unique is a man in the aviator goggles and chevrons: Michael "Mikey" Bodnaruk.

Those chevrons aren't a costume store purchase. The Reno local is a Marine veteran of five years, specializing in communications. "I did field radio and microwave radio. Field radio is like calling in airstrikes and stuff, microwave radio is generic communications."

Michael "SemperFiMikey" Bodnaruk

Michael "SemperFiMikey" Bodnaruk

Mikey is a gamer through and through. In addition to poker, he was active in Magic: The Gathering before his time in the Marines and played Dungeons & Dragons when he had the chance during his deployments. "It was basically two-person storytelling. I loved it."

After he left the service, Mikey started streaming on Twitch. Fittingly, he goes by "SemperFiMikey" while online. Last summer, he streamed the inaugural WSOP Online Event from the account, garnering over a thousand viewers at one point. When he isn't streaming his adventures on the digital felt, he also live streams League of Legends and, when the mood strikes him, Rocksmith 2014.

Now an Uber and Lyft driver in addition to military veteran and poker player, Mikey is enjoying his first Run it Up Reno, and currently sits among the chip leaders in the final 6pm event, the NLH Last Chance Turbo. We shall see if he can capitalize on his big chip stack and rocket-powered pilot's attire to launch his way to a victory.