8Game: Final Table!

The $125 8-Game 6-Max has reached the final table and it's definitely not a soft one! 

Steve McCoy, runner-up in the $125 H.O.R.S.E. 6-Max, leads the way with 85,000 and is looking to redeem himself for a shot at RIU gold. 

Here is a look at the lineup:

Seat 1: Peter Lynn - 67,000
Seat 2: Bobby Gullett - 62,000
Seat 3: Tommy Zhu - 97,000
Seat 4: Brent Harrington - 74,000
Seat 5: Jason Somerville - 65,000
Seat 6: Vincent Newland - 36,000
Seat 7: Steve McCoy - 85,000

Team RIU is well-represented here with JCarver, Vincent and Brent all making appearances. Vincent already has a trophy, and Brent has a final table and three cashes. JCarver has made some deep runs, including one in the Main Event today, and looks to end the series with some gold for his trophy case.