8 Game: Oops, He Did it Again! Vincent Newland Ships Another

After a long four-handed battle, Vincent Newland has come out on top and won the 8-Game tournament outright, defeating Peter Lynn. As soon as the two were heads up, play ended quickly.

Newland took home $1,747 for his efforts, and Lynn pocketed $1,113 for his runner-up finish. Among the players at the final table was Jason Somerville (who fell at the hands of the champ), Brent Harrington, Bobby Gullett and Steve McCoy.

Here is a look at the results: 

1st Place: Vincent Newland - $1,747
2nd Place: Peter Lynn - $1,113
3rd Place: Brent Harrington - $769
4th Place: Bobby Gullett - $583
5th Place: Tommy Zhu - $424
6th Place: Steve McCoy - $292
7th Place: Jason Somerville - $186
8th Place: Xin Xu, Anthony Nguyen and Robert Hamilton - $62 each