6-Max: The "Ten of Clubs on the River" Blues

During the break, I got moved to the same seat at the other table with eight left.

I folded under the gun with [qx4x], which might have been a shove considering I had less than two big blinds, but I had a story in my head about coming all the way back and winning the tournament. It would be a great story. Instead, I was in the big blind and the action folded to Steven Strauss in the small blind.

"Can he fold?" I asked the table.

"I'm pretty sure I'm not even supposed to look," Steven said as he tossed in a raise.

"Ooo," I said when I looked at [qhjs].

Steven showed [9x5x]. I flopped a jack, but Steven went runner-runner to a straight and sent me to the rail in eighth place. I got $350 and the players are breaking to the final table.