6-Max: Mark Mazza Masters the Six-Max

After a lengthy three-handed battle, heads-up play lasted just a few short hands and Mark Mazza came out ahead, taking home $3,300 for the win. Jimmy Cappucci was unable to lock up his second trophy of the series (and third one overall), but he'll settle for a runner-up finish and $2,100.

The final table of seven began after Brent Harrington finished in eighth place for $350. He lost a big pot with queens and was unable to recover. Rian Mullins was next to go in seventh place ($350) after he came to the final table with the shortest stack and was unable to run it up. 

Six-handed play went on for a while, and Steven Strauss was the next to go in 6th place ($550). He got his chips in with [qx8x] on a board reading [tx8x3x]. Cappucci held [tx8x] for top two pair and the river was no help to Strauss. Fifth place belonged to Dave Lander, and he took home $800 for his efforts. Lander was unable to win a flip with Kevin Gerhart, but he heads back home to Sweden with some American dollars in his pocket after several deep runs this series, including a final table appearance in the Main Event. 

Robert Hamilton went out in fourth place ($1,100) after he got his money in with [ax3x] against Gerhart's [kx8x]. The flop came king-high and it was all over.

Three-handed play lasted about an hour between Gerhart, Cappucci and Mazza. The trio battled it out until Gerhart finally fell to Cappucci. His pocket queens were cracked by jack-ten after Cappucci made two pair on the turn. Gerhart has had more deep runs in this series than anyone can count, but unfortunately he was unable to leave with any RIU gold. He took home $1,450 for third place. 

Cappucci and Mazza took a quick break, after which time heads-up play didn't last very long. Cappucci got aggressive with top pair on a wet board and got Mazza to commit some chips before folding his hand on the river. A couple of hands later, both players were dealt a pair and played for it all. Mazza tabled [qxqx] and Cappucci showed [8x8x]. The board ran out dry and Mazza was the winner. 

Here are the results for this tournament:

1st Place: Mark Mazza - $3,300
2nd Place: Jimmy Cappucci - $2,100
3rd Place: Kevin Gerhart - $1,450
4th Place: Robert Hamilton - $1,100
5th Place: Dave Lander - $800
6th Place: Steven Strauss - $550
7th Place: Rian Mullins - $350
8th Place: Brent Harrington - $350