6-Max: Gut Punch

 David Lander

David Lander

This one doesn't feel great. I was doing well and on the money bubble with about 60,000. The blinds were 1,500/3,000. David Lander is back at my table. He opened to 7,000. I had [qcqh]. I looked at his remaining stack, or tried to without asking him to move his hands. To me, it looked like about 30,000 behind. I made it 25,000 and David shoved all in. I called and he showed [ackx].

The flop was not great, all clubs. The turn was the [4h] and I needed to dodge a club, ace, or a king. The river was the [ks] and I don't remember exactly what I said. I'm pretty sure I couldn't type up what I said, at least part of it.

I stood up and felt a sudden burst of immense sadness. A lot of the feelings about how good of a player I am is tied to results. I want to do well in an No-Limit Holdem tournament. I have cashed three events this series; No-Limit Omaha 8-or better KO, PLO/No-Limit Hold em mix (4th), and $125 8-Game (3rd). All that is nice, but when I entered this, I thought it would be a cool experience to write about it. When I got to the final two tables, and on the money bubble I thought I would be able to make a deep run and build some confidence in what I consider my worst game. 

The [ks] changed that plan. Once the initial pain subsided I returned to the table. I had about 6,000 or so. The first hand I looked at was [5x4x]. I folded. Within the next hand or two, I got pocket jacks. I went all in for a little more than 7,000 and Rian Mullins called behind. David Lander ended up being my savior on this hand and shoved over the top. He had sevens and my jacks held. I waited and ended up lucking my way into the money. There are eight left and I'm the short stack with about 10,000.