6-Max: Busto to Robusto-ish

Alright, so shortly after the first break I busted. The first hand from break I had [ah8s] under the gun and shoved all in. Everyone folded and I won the pot. In the big blind, Dylan Webb opened with a raise and I shoved all in again, this time I had [6x6x]. Dylan folded.

When I was in the small blind, I had [tc9h] and just about 11 big blinds. Martin Kampmann was in the big blind with less than me. He had somewhere around ten big blinds. I have recently started using SnapShove, an app to help players find out when to shove and when not to. I may be using it wrong, but I think I'm supposed to shove according to the app. Martin called with [kxqx] and beat me. I was left very short.

The next hand, Dylan, myself, and Martin were all in. I had [qxtx] and they both had aces, but Dylan had a jack to go with his. He won the hand, and Martin took the remaining 500 of my chips.

I was having a good time, so I reentered. I spent about 4 hands at Ciprian Tutu and Dwight Ross's table. David Lander had been moved there also, but I was moved before I could get the other guys name.

Within the first few hands at my new table, I was in the big blind. David Finkelstein opened to 3,000. The amount was a little bit more than the min-raise a few people have started doing. I defended from the big blind with [6c2c]. I flopped trips and checked. He bet and I called. We both checked the turn and another two came on the river. I had four of a kind. I only had about a pot-sized bet left and I went all in. David called quickly and had flopped a full house. I didn't say anything because the river had completely ruined his hand. He was nice enough to introduce himself later. It is something about RIU Reno, it's hard not to make friends. He busted and rebought now. He is at another table, good luck to him.