6-Max: A Great One

Kevin Gerhart

Kevin Gerhart

Austin Roberts, who finished fourth yesterday in the RIU Main Event was sitting to my left. I was in the small blind and I had about 34,000. I looked down at pocket nines.

I felt like I wanted him to put all of his chips in, but I wasn't sure how to accomplish that. Luckily, he had a pocket pair too. He had sevens which I was happy to see when I turned over my nines. The board kept me ahead and now had 77,000. Not too long after that, Austin busted to Kevin Gerhart. Kevin was on the button and raised to 4,000, a min-raise at 1,000/2,000 blinds. Austin put the rest of his chips in and Kevin called. Austin was ahead with pocket jacks.

"I beat jacks earlier today with eights," Kevin said.

The board ran out ace-high with two spades. The board paired on the turn with another ace.

"That's not a sweat card," said Kevin.

The river was a [7s] and gave Kevin a full house and the win. Austin was eliminated. Registration is closed now and there are 12 players left. Eight get paid.

By the way, on that hand I had [ks8s] and wanted to play it, but you know -- small blind.