Team Event: Report From The Felt

Tonight's $85 Team No-Limit Hold 'Em event has already garnered 85 entries and expecting more as today's Main Event Day 1B winds down and several of those players are expected to join the ranks. Among the teams entering tonight's competition is Team Media Team: reporters Brent Harrington and Reuben Bresler, as well as event photographer Antonio Abrego.

Our view from seat 7 at Table 56 includes Team Chewy, Melly "MellyBearGoRawr" Wang and Albert "AKNG8" Ng. Chewy, the unofficial mascot of RIU, took the honorary opening orbit. Chewy is pretty tight though, as he folded [axax] pre to Team Media Team's first position raise on the third hand of play!

Next to Team Chewy in the 1-seat is Team RIU Gear, affectionately known as "Team Rebuy Jenkins." Pablo "RIUPablo" Ortiz and "Vincent "vintroverted" Newland were keeping right at even for the first half dozen levels, but unfortunately ran into Team Chewy's [Kxjx] with their own [qxkx]. The board ran out clean, and the table shrunk. Team Rebuy Jenkins lived up to their name, reentering as soon as they hit the rail.

The chip leaders at Team Media Team's table for the run of play has been Scott Parry and Bobby Gullett, aka "Team We Just Met." That's a clever name for a team of two who literally have not spoken to each other until the start of the event! Both Gullett and Parry have had decent results so far this series, and are proving a scary team to play against.

We're getting close to the bubble and TMT is still in, so we'll have an update later in the tournament!