Team Event: Knipple, Bitterly Win Tag Team Trophies

Patrick Knipple becomes the second player ever to win two RIU trophies, as he and teammate Greg Bitterly take down tonight's Team Event!

After the eliminations of the first 44 teams to bring the event to three-handed play, including the team of previous Team Event runners-up Isaac Leong and Christopher Schulze (aka "Where's Jeff Chapman?") in fourth, the team of Harry Corvese and Kevin Gerhart, aka Team 2-For-1, finished in third place.

Harry's [kdth] shove from the small blind was called by the big stack of Patrick Knipple's  [As5d]. A runout of [4c6c9djd] brough some pageantry, but [5s] on the river brought many "ah-yaaahs" from the crowd when Harry's draw missed. As Kevin was busy playing the NLH/PLO final table across the room, Harry played the entire final table himself. Kevin earned bronze medals in both events within moments of each other.

Corvese and Gerhart final tabled both team events... and busted with [kxtx] in both team events! Gerhart scores his fourth and fifth final tables tonight, and Harry adds this third place finish to add to his win in the HORSE three days ago.

Heads-up play between Team Big & Small Shop and Team You Had Me At 'Registration' began with B&S holding a 3.5-to-1 chip lead over their opposition, as both Patrick Knipple(B&S) and Ben Moore(Reg) tagged out in favor of their teammates Greg Bitterly(B&S) and Robert "Rob1Ham" Hamilton(Reg) to start heads-up.

Rob1Ham snagged a few early pots to get closer to 2.5-to-1. After several heads-up orbits Knipple tagged back in to take on Rob, who had chipped up to 130,000 or so, and he took over the 240,000 team stack. About a dozen hands later, Patrick took down a big six-digit pot played to the river with [Qx4x] on [axkxqx8x2x] rainbow to take back his initial lead and dropping Team Reg to their last 65,000.

The final hand occurred when Patrick went all in with a big one and a small one for Big & Small Shop: [As3h]. After a few moments Rob said, "good luck," then called with [qdjs].

The flop came out [4d5d3c], which is a pretty bad flop for the Registration guys. [Ks] and [tc] did not help, and Team Big And Small Shop goes wire-to-wire as chip leaders this final table to win the $85 Team Event!

Rob Hamilton scores his second career runner-up finish as a part of Team You Had Me At Registration, and he and Ben Moore will split $757 for second place.

As the member of the team with the RIU gear, Greg Bitterly wins the final Last Warrior Standing award, and will be able to get into Day 2 of the RIU Main Event with 25,000 in chips. Knipple, meanwhile, triumphs and adds this trophy to his Antes Only trophy to his mantle and poker resume.

Greg Bitterly and Patrick Knipple win the event, the trophies, and $1,150!