Team Event: Final Table Teams!

With Team Media Team of Brent Harrington, Antonio Abrego, and Reuben Bresler falling on the stone-bubble, there might not have been coverage of the Team Event after that heartbreak. But we soldier on! Here are the final eight teams, all of whom have cashed this event:

Seat 1: Team We See Dead Cards *8TH ($99)*
Scott Parry, Bobby Gullett

Team "We Just Met" changed their name, but maintained their play style. They were hovering around average chips, but couldn't last forever. With "last call" announced, they didn't really want to hang around anyway!

Seat 2: Team Big And Small Shop
Patrick Knipple, Greg Bitterly

With a massive chip stack, Patrick and Greg are in a great position to take down the team event... if they can survive each other and their endless trolling of each other's play!

Seat 3: Jesse And The Apostols
Jesse Capps, Jesse Fullen, Tyson Apostol

With his sixth final table and seventh cash locked in, Jesse Capps is a runaway favorite to be player of the series. He is joined by Survivor champion Tyson Apostol (right) and JCarver Twitch chat celebrity "JesseFullen," as each player currently on the felt swaps on Tyson's excellent cowboy hat.

Seat 4: Team "Where's Jeff?"
Isaac Leong, Christopher Schulze

Isaac and Chris made the previous Team event as runner-up... with a third: Jeff Chapman. Unfortunately, they've lost their compatriot between that tournament and this one. An APB has been put out for the missing person report. The team only fired one single bullet at each Team event, so the Poker Gods are on their side.

Seat 5: Team Old School
Steve Roselius, David Fadoul

Steve has had himself a series already, as this is his third of the series. As a few of the gray-hairs in the tournament hall, these two are definitely old school cool.

Seat 6: Team You Had Me At "Registration"
Ben Moore, Robert "Rob1Ham" Hamilton

These two gentlemen met at the registration desk, and it was love at first sight. They say love is blind, and in this case the blinds are big!

Seat 7: Team Pikachu *7TH ($125)* 
Jeff Jansen, Michael Chan

Both of these players made the previous Team Event final table... but were each on different teams! The were a match made in poker heaven. Michael's yellow teddy bear onesie inspired the team name from their tablemates.

Seat 8: Team 2-For-1
Harry Corvese, Kevin Gerhart

Previously referred to as Team Infinite Bullets and Team Magic Men, the HORSE champion and the preliminary event final table regular have made their second Team final table in two tries here. Kevin Gerhart just top three split the NLH/PLO, so he'll be able to tag in for Harry in the rotation. Standing in stark contrast to Team Where's Jeff?, as you might expect from a team that once was named for how many bullets they've fired in various events, cannot make the same "2 entries total" claim. Though they did only fire twice at this event, which is a marked improvement!