Another Champion is Crowned: Arron King

Arron King has taken down Event 17 $125 NLH/PLO 6-Max for $1,814. He had half of the chips in play with two tables left and held the chip lead for the entire final table. He chopped based on ICM with two other players (Rodrigo Moreira and Kevin Gerhart) and took the most money. He eventually defeated Moreira heads-up after eliminating Gerhart in third. 

James Ovington came to the final table as the short stack with 3,000 but secured a triple up fairly quickly in pot limit omaha after rivering the nut straight. In the next hold'em orbit, Ovington got it in with [jxtx] against Kevin Gerhart's [jx2x] but a deuce hit the flop and the river, sending him to the rail with $207 in hand. Pilar Tucker went out shortly after in sixth place when her ace-nine was no match for Rodrigo Moreira's ace-king. The flop came king high and Tucker settled for a cash for $328. Fifth place went to Robert Brewton for $500. Aaron King flopped a boat with [axqx]. The turn brought a jack, giving Brewton the nut straight as he held [kxtx]. 

 Brent Harrington, RIU Live Reporter, finished in 4th place for $707.

Brent Harrington, RIU Live Reporter, finished in 4th place for $707.

RIU Live Reporter Brent Harrington went out next and took home $707 for finishing in fourth place. He held [ah5h] and King called his all in with [kx4x]. The board read [7d6c4h], giving King a pair of fours and Harrington two over cards and a straight draw. The turn and river were both face cards and Harrington was sent to the rail. 

As soon as Harrington was eliminated, Rodrigo Moreira, Kevin Gerhart and Arron King made a deal based on ICM and decided to leave some money behind for the eventual winner, along with the trophy and the last-longer Main Event seat ($600) since all three of them are in RIU gear. 

Here's the deal: 

1st Place: $210 + Trophy + Main Event Seat
Arron King: $1,604
Kevin Gerhart: $1,351
Rodrigo Moreira: $1,200

Kevin Gerhart was the first to go out and took home $1,351 for third place. He flopped trips with [8d3s] on a board reading [jd8h8c9d4d] but Arron King backed into a flush with [kd5d]. 

Heads-up play began with King sitting with 90% of the chips in play. Moreira quiickly doubled up with ace-deuce against King's six-deuce. A few hands later, he doubled up again in PLO with [asad8h7h] and it held against King's [6s6d5d3s] on a board reading [8c4s3hqcqh]. This brought King's lead down to 3 to 1, giving Moreira a real chance to get even. The final hand happened playing hold'em. Moreira got his money in on a board reading [8h6s5s9d] and held [6c3h]. King called and tabled [qsqd]. The river was the [4c] and Moreira finished as runner up for $1,200. 

 Rodrigo Moreira finished as runner-up for $1,200.

Rodrigo Moreira finished as runner-up for $1,200.

Here are the final payouts for this event:

1st Place: Arron King - $1,814 + Main Event Seat ($600)
2nd Place: Rodrigo Moreira - $1,200
3rd Place: Kevin Gerhart - $1,351
4th Place: Brent Harrington - $707
5th Place: Robert Brewton - $500
6th Place: Pilar Tucker - $328
7th Place: James Ovington - $207
8th Place: Deke Acosta - $207
9th Place: Dylan Webb - $155
10th Place: Noel Edwards - $155
11th Place: James Maxwell - $138
12th Place: Albert Ng - $138