Second Chance: Gerhart Building a Stack Again, Deke Acosta Going For Three

Deke Acosta was able to make it to RIU Reno, but unable to play the Main Event. He decided that instead, he was going to go back home and take his daughter trick-or-treating. So he came and played what he could. That led to him final tabling the $85 Big Antes tournament and cashing in the $125 No-Limit Holdem/Pot-Limit Omaha mix. He is sitting with 46,000 in the Second chance and looking for his third RIU cash in a row.

Kevin Gerhart is making a run at another final table, he final tabled the No-Limit Holdem/PLO last night as well, and his team also final tabled the $85 Team Event. He just doubled up Jordan Miller with kings versus aces, but still has about 45,000.