Second Chance: Andrew Cha Wins - It's Lonely at the Top

Andrew Cha wins Event 19 $235 NLH Second Chance for $3,100! This isn't his first trophy as he took down the Team Event with his good friend Mo. As he scooped up the trophy he shouted, "Yes! This was all me!"

Paul Sampson was runner-up and took home $2,700 for his efforts. He won Event 1 $235 NLH Kickoff for $5,790 for quite a successful series. 

Sampson came in to heads-up play with quite a short stack. He eventually doubled up with [9h4h] against Cha's king-high and flopped trip nines. Two hands later Sampson was all in with [2s2h] vs Cha's [acqh]. The flop came [6c6h4h], giving Cha some extra outs to win the pot aside from his two over cards. The turn was the [5d] and the river was the [4c], counterfeiting Sampson's two pair and giving Cha the win!

Here is a look at the payouts for this event:

1st Place: Andrew Cha - $3,100
2nd Place: Paul Sampson - $2,700
3rd Place: Isaac Leong - $1,420
4th Place: Robert Hamilton - $950
5th Place: Kevin Gerhart - $650
6th Place: Jason Beckstrom - $500
7th Place: Alex Huot - $380
8th Place: Patrick Theiler - $300