NLH/PLO: Crawford Shows Off Model Play

Cindy Pete.png
  • Kevin Gerhart - 60,000
  • Cindy Crawford - 37,000
  • Prabjhat "PeteMall" Mall - 32,000
  • Jesse Capps - eliminated

One of the non-RIU Legionnaires performing best in the No Limit/Pot Limit split format 6-Max event is Cindy Crawford!

No, not that Cindy Crawford, and surely she's heard enough jokes at the expense of her name. Crawford is a poker floor director here at the Peppermill, but right now she's taking some time out from her busy schedule to crush some young Warriors who think they know how to play poker. "She's already bullied me out of two big pots," said PeteMall, who is directly to her left at Table 20.

Meanwhile, a table away Kevin "KGerhart" Gerhart continues to cruise through the event, while Jesse "jessejcapps" Capps was unable to find enough chips to challenge for his staggering seventh final table this week, so he'll have to settle for six so far, the Day 1A Main Event chip lead, and a seat in the $85 Team Event.