Main Event: Webb Spins it Up; Schulz Cracks Aces

Dylan Webb doubles up early

Dylan Webb doubles up early

Action has begun early today on Day 2 of the Run it Up Main Event. Short stacks are trying to run their stacks up early or bust, and that has been true for both Dylan Webb and Loma Schulz. 

Level 13 - 1,000/2,000/300a
Entries: 256
Players Remaining: 89

The ladies love Dylan Webb:
Kody Oakes raised to 4,500 from under the gun, and action folded to Dylan Webb on the button who moved all in for 31,000. Oakes thought about it for a moment and decided to call.

Webb: [Qhqc]
Oakes: [5s5c]

The flop came [Ac8c6c]. Both players held a club so there was no real threat for Webb, who was the player at risk. The turn was the [jh] and the river was the [9d], giving Webb the double up and leaving Oakes quite short. 

Dylan Webb - 67,400
Kyle Oakes - 32,000

Loma Schulz cracks Adrian Martinez's aces and eliminates Sean Doidge:
Adrian Martinez, Sean Doidge and Loma Schulz got all of their chips in the middle before the flop, with Martinez having both players covered.

Schulz: [as8s]
Martinez: [ahad]
Doidge: [kd7c]

The flop came [jsts3h], giving Schulz the nut flush draw but keeping Martinez in the lead with a pair of aces. The turn was the [7d], now giving Doidge a pair of sevens with some outs to survive. The river was the [3s] and Schulz cheered as she caught the card she needed to complete her flush. Doidge was eliminated and Schulz more than doubled her stack. 

Loma Schulz - 75,000
Adrian Martinez - 46,000
Sean Doidge - Eliminated