Main Event: Rodriguez and King Make Early Exits, Yaw and Gorenc Double

  • Frank Yaw - 84,000
  • Loren Klein - 54,000
  • Marty Gorenc - 108,000
  • Tim Tucker - 135,000
  • Jason Somerville - 65,000
  • Jose Rodriguez - Eliminated
  • Aaron King - Eliminated
 Loren Klein on Day 2 of RIU Reno

Loren Klein on Day 2 of RIU Reno

Jose Rodriguez and Aaron King are among the early eliminations today. King, who won the No-Limit Holdem/Pot-Limit Omaha tournament last night, used the seat he won to join today with 12 big blinds. He opened from early position, making it 4,500 and both players in the blinds called.

The flop came [jxjx9x] and the action checked to King. He went all in for his remaining stack of about 20,000 and Tim Tucker called from the small blind.

"You got a jack?" King asked.

Tucker did have a jack. He tabled [ksjs] and King needed a ton of help, but was unable to find it and hit the rail. Tucker stacked 135,000 and is off to a nice start early in Day 2 play.

Frank Yaw got a double through Loren Klein, when the two got all in blind versus blind preflop. Yaw had [adqd] and held against the [jh7d] of Klein.

Marty Gorenc doubled through Jason Somerville on the first hand of the day with pocket queens. Jason had [axkx] and Gorenc held to win the early double.

"He doubled me up and had a smile on his face the whole time," said Gorenc.