Main Event: Peter Lynn Gets Coolered, Thomson on Top

  • Scott Thomson - 271,000
  • Tommy Zhu - 214,000
  • Jesse Capps - 200,000
  • Steve Kujubu - 195,000
  • Valerie Hanley - 137,000
  • Kris Evans - 178,000
  • Jimmy Cappucci - 118,000
  • Peter Lynn - 20,400
  • Adrian Martinez - 108,000
 Tommy Zhu

Tommy Zhu

Scott Thomson ended Day 1a among the chip leaders, and has added about 70,000 to his stack. Jesse Capps, the Day 1a chip leader is hovering around 200,000 and a few new faces have risen to the top of the leaderboard.

Tommy Zhu has also added about 100,000 to his stack today and is sitting just above 200,000.

The biggest cooler of the day so far goes to Peter Lynn. He got aces all in against Adrian Martinez. Martinez had queens and was at risk. The flop came [asksjs], giving Martinez a draw to a royal flush. He ended up making just a flush and doubling up through Lynn.