Main Event: Martin Kampmann Gets in the Ring

Retired Danish MMA fighter Martin Kampmann came in to Day 2 with a healthy stack and has had no problems getting into the ring with the best of them.

Level 14 - 1,200/2,400/400a
Entries: 256
Players Remaining: 65

Kampmann battles the Table Captain: 
Martin Kampmann raised to 5,200 from under the gun. Action folded around to Wes Cutshall in the small blind who put in a three-bet to 15,300. Kampmann thought about it for a full minute before deciding to call. 

The flop came [kc9d6h]. Cutshall checked to Kampmann who fired out a bet of 14,000. Cutshall called. The turn was the [8s] and both players checked. The river came [Jd]. Cutshall wasted no time and led out for 17,000. Kampmann let it go and the chips went Cutshall's way. 

Kampmann goes paw-to-paw with Team Chewy:
Action folded around to Albert Ng in the cutoff and he raised to 6,300. Kampmann was in the big blind and decided to defend. 

The flop came [Jdtc9c] and Kampmann checked. Ng bet 7,500 and Kampmann called. The turn was the [7d] and both players checked. The river was the [kd]. Kampmann checked his option for a third time and Ng moved all in. Kampmann immediately mucked his cards.

Wes Cutshall - 210,000
Albert Ng - 120,000
Martin Kampmann - 110,000