Main Event: Half a Million for Jesse Capps

"A deuce on the river is never supposed to change anything!", shouted Jason Heinz as he headed toward the payout desk. 

Heinz got his money in with [axqx] before the flop for his remaining 27,000. Jesse Capps was on the button and decided to call. 

The flop came [ac9s4d], putting Heinz in the lead with a pair of aces. The turn was the [js], and Heinz started to say, "No deuce! No deuce!". To his disappointment, the [2h] hit the river and he marched away from the table before coming back and saying goodbye to the table. 

Capps smiled and said, "Man, I run so good!" He is now the first player to cross the 500,000 mark.

Jesse Capps - 525,000
Jason Heinz - Eliminated in 36th Place ($960)