Main Event Day 1b: Scott Thomson Takes Lead, JCarver Close Behind

Scott Thomson has stolen the chiplead in the Main Event from Jesse Capps, as the Day 1B competitor moves on to the second day of competition with 250,100. Steve Kujubu is in second, just over 182,000. But close behind him is WSOP bracelet winner, popular poker streamer, and oh by the way the creator of Run it Up: Jason Somerville! Jason will be entering Day 2 with 147,500, plenty of chips to make a deep run.

Among others bagging and tagging for Day 2 include Heather "smileys_AU" Hardie, RIU champions Jordan Spurlin and Jimmy "untitled2jc" Cappucci. Dan O'Brien entered the Main Event after leading today's Hand Lab seminar with Jason, and will also be entering the second day, though he has just below starting stack.