Main Event: Break Time; Capps, Cutshall, Martin Top Three

 Wes Cutshall - 660,000 (currently 2nd in chips)

Wes Cutshall - 660,000 (currently 2nd in chips)

  • Jesse Capps - 856,000
  • Wes Cutshall- 660,000
  • Kevin Martin - 530,000 

Wes Cutshall, Kevin Martin, and Jesse Capps have nearly a third of the chips in play between them with 29 players remaining in the Run it Up Reno Main Event. The tournament is currently on a 20 minute color-up break. When the players return, blinds will be 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 chip ante.

Kevin "KevinMartin987" Martin currently holds 530,000, good enough for third overall in the tournament. After coming into the day with only 69,000 and change, he's certainly been running it up thus far in the Main Event!

Wes Cutshall sacrificed a bag of about 46,000 from Day 1A in favor of his Day 1B 116,800 stack, making him the only player in the 82-person Day 2 field to bag two stacks. He's been on a heater so far today, as the Raiser Clothing CEO and poker pro has 660,000.

But out in front is Jesse "jessejcapps" Capps. The RIU Reno preliminary event champion and former RIU Main Event runner-up has a whopping 856,000 at the break. His trusty stuffed penguin sidekick at his chipstack's side, the Las Vegas native is running good and playing even better so far in Day 2.

The three put together currently hold 2,046,000 in tournament chips, which works out to about 32% of the 6,400,000 total on the felt in the Main Event.