Main Event: 25th-32nd Place Payouts ($1025)

 Jason Somerville - 26th ($1,025)

Jason Somerville - 26th ($1,025)

Jason Somerville's tournament ended when his [KxKx] was eliminated by Albert "AKNG8" Ng's [AxQx]. The players put the money in preflop, the flop came Ace-high, and thus ended JCarver's Main Event.

Players who finished between 32nd and 25th place were on the first pay jump above a mincash in the Run it Up Reno Main Event.

32nd: Noel Edwards ($1,025)
31st: Valerie Hanley ($1,025)
30th: Stephen Kujubu ($1,025)
29th: Ming Zhu ($1,025)
28th: Kristopher Evans ($1,025)
27th: Shae Mayner ($1,025)
26th: Jason Somerville ($1,025)
25th: Mary Swafford ($1,025)

Jesse Capps continues to lead the way as play continues in Level 19.