Main Event: Loma Schulz Moving Up, Cutshall Breaks 400,000

  • Loma Schulz - 280,000
  • Wes Cutshall - 400,000
  • Aaron Schoch - 170,000
  • Kyle Hess - 150,000
  • Steven Strauss - 210,000
  • Jason Somerville - 63,000
  • Kris Evans - 265,000
Loma Schulz

Loma Schulz

Wes Cutshall is leading the way with 400,000 with 44 players remaining. Austin Roberts jumped up the leaderboard, after busting Jimmy Cappucci in an almost 400,000 pot.

Cappucci had a flush draw with a gut-shot straight draw and got all in against Roberts who held a set of eights. The turn paired the board, giving Roberts a full house and leaving Cappucci drawing dead.

Loma Schulz is another player surging toward the front of the pack, now sitting with 280,000.

Jason Somerville doubled up after shoving all-in from the small blind with [7d6d] and Matt Coleman called with pocket twos. Jason flopped a pair and turned a straight to win the hand.